Thursday, September 9, 2010

Aluminum Foil

I chose common house hold aluminum foil.  I chose it because it is an important part of our modern day world.  Aluminum is an important resource and good building material because of is light weight and malleability.  Aluminum foil is used any were, from keeping food warm or molding into fun shapes.  Aluminum foil also makes for a fun chemistry project!  To take a more in depth view click here.


  1. Here's my citations:, Article: Effect of Salt & Vinegar on Aluminum
    Ask A Scientist, Bleach and Aluminum
    Density of Aluminum

  2. Jack,
    Your project was very good. you explained everything very well and you had something visual in all the experiments. I really liked the video you found.

  3. Jack, You did an excellent project. I thought it was creative to use aluminum foil, and i got a good visual picture of what happened in the reactions.