Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Exam Review

11)      You know a solute has formed when the solute and the substance are at an equilibrium, meaning no more substance an be dissolved in the solution.  To create a supersaturated solution, a solution that can hold more crystals than the original equilibrium,  you have to first heat the solution to boiling point then add more substance while stirring.  This will allow the solution to hold more of the substance.  There are three factors that affect solubility, the polarity of the substance and the polarity of the solvent, temperature (the higher the temperature the more it can hold),  Pressure (the higher pressure can hold more solute in the solution)

31)    Draw and explain how a nuclear facility works.


  1. You did a good job with definitions and how to create saturated and supersaturated solutions, but for the factors that affect solubility I got: 1) stirring 2)size of solid 3)temperature 4)pressure for gasses only.

  2. Jack you did great with your definitions, except with the things that Michelle said you missed. On 31 you could have also explained how it worked.

  3. Great job explaining how a solute is formed. Your question for 31 is a great question. From what kamil said- I think a visual or picture for 31 would help explain it

  4. For a good diagram of a nuclear reaction see this page:

    I agree with your answer for number 11. The pressure of the atmosphere affects the pressure of a gas in a liquid, with a greater atmospheric pressure allowing a greater amount of gas to be dissolved. A good example of this is the CO2 in a coke can etc.